Car Girl Goes Blogger

Every girl has a dream job as a child. What was yours? I’m sure you remember. Mine always seemed to be changing! I wanted to be a dancer, a gymnast, a dentist, a psychologist, a teacher, a mechanic. Y’all, it was ALWAYS something different. Up until about three months ago (yes 3 MONTHS!), it kept changing. I could never finish school because by the time I got to my actual degree classes I would always think.. “man this is not for me”. I could never bring myself to finish any of it! Maybe you’re thinking “nobody really does what they really want to do!” or “that’s just an excuse!”.

Growing up, I was always right next to my dad while constantly working on his truck because it was ALWAYS broken. Handing him tools and jamming to old school Metallica. I’m sure you remember the small memories like that from your childhood. In high school, I had a friend who was really into cars and it kind of stuck with me! I ended up working in Auto Parts stores and dealerships. Weird for a girl, I know! It’s always been a struggle.

It’s like this.. you have to constantly prove yourself as a female in the car industry. I actually stopped wearing makeup to work because I felt like I got looked down on for being a “girly girl” and trying to sell car parts. I have had so many men say “can I speak to a male?” or “are you sure you know I’m talking about?”. That’s almost an everyday thing. But that is what has made me who I am today! Confident in all things!

I wholeheartedly know I can do anything I put my mind to! I put so much effort and positive energy into things I want (and don’t want) to do. I’m consistently trying to prove myself! In all of this, I’ve learned that I despise working for “the man”… I hated having a boss! So I started thinking… “why don’t I do something I actually love doing?”.. “how can I be my own boss?!”. And you know what that is? Talking to people.. helping people.. Whether it’s helping someone with their makeup or a date outfit. Or even talking about healthy lifestyles and delicious food. I love giving my opinions when they’re asked (or not asked)! So why not blog about it?! Why not try to reach as many curious people as I possibly can? I can do this without a boss! I can do this on my own. In my free time- from bed, from the beach.. where ever! And it hit me, this.. THIS is my calling.

I don’t have kids (yet). But holy cow, working from home is my dream! I would be able to be home for my family when they need me. I wouldn’t be spending 2+ hours a day commuting in horrific Atlanta traffic. Why wouldn’t I jump on this? Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

So here’s to this new journey! And here’s to all the people that told me I couldn’t. You’re my motivation! If there’s any content you’d like me to cover, drop a comment below!