The Truth About MLM

I’m sure you’ve seen the random posts. Girls saying “join my team”, “trial packs available”, “only 5 spots left”. Heck I used to do that! (Still do trial packs because who does like free stuff? Haha)

I get asked all too often WHY I chose network marketing. WHY I decided I wanted to put myself out there. WHY I would ever want to sell things on social media. I mean.. who does that?! … turns out.. a lot of women do! Lol

So here’s the raw truth & my story:

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I truly have never wanted anything out of life.. I have never had goals.. never cared what others thought about me.. never really had a niche at all. I was always just.. living life. Most of the time I was living paycheck to paycheck.

My friend (from my last networking marketing gig) noticed my struggle. I wasn’t scared to post issues on Facebook. She came to help. She was there when I was absolute rock bottom. Struggling hard core to even meet rent. She presented me with an opportunity to join her biz. I was so terribly skeptical. I told her no probably… 5 times. But she insisted that it would be a good opportunity. So I gave in. After seeing some of the biz testimonials, I decided I didn’t want to struggle anymore. I realized that you don’t HAVE to struggle.

So I did that biz for a few months. I did fairly well, got customers & a few promoters. All was fine and dandy. And then I realized. This isn’t me! What am I doing? Why am I messaging all of my friends & family hounding them to buy from me? This isn’t right! After having “message everyone on your friends list even if you don’t talk to them” engraved in my mind, I just felt so.. gross about network marketing. So I took a step back. Well, more to the side really.

I felt so bad about all my friends & family that I pretty much was taught to trick into selling to.. that wasn’t me at all. And that’s how my company was teaching us to be! “90 day challenge”.. was really just another phrase for, sign up for 3 months because any other way you’ll be paying twice the price (or more!). I was ashamed. I have higher standards than that. Maybe that’s just the way my leaders did it, maybe that’s how the whole company does. I really don’t know. All I know was that it just wasn’t ME.

After being inactive in marketing for a while, I started doing research. I wanted to find a company that did things the right way. A company who I didn’t feel gross for working with. And that’s when my current biz fell into my lap. (Actually 2 of them!)

Did you know most millionaires have more than one stream of income? I didn’t until recently.

Anyways, I had two amazing companies land in my lap. So I took another leap of faith.

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My health and wellness biz has inspired me to feel & look amazing. It has put me on my wellness journey that I needed a small kick in the ass to do. I’ve always been fairly skinny. Well. For most of my adult years. Then 25 hit and my body didn’t know what it was doing! Y’all, I gained over 40 pounds! Granted.. probably needed about 20 of it! But the other 20.. I could do without. I’ve been challenging myself (and some of my friends) to eat healthier.. I still hate the gym, but I do home based workouts (sometimes lol).

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My beauty biz has made me blossom. I’ve always loved makeup. It’s just kind of part of me (and a lot of other women). But I never really took the time to do anything other than the basic look I had always done. Playing with makeup is so freaking empowering to me! When I accomplish a new look, or nail a hard look.. y’all that’s the fun part!

I quickly realized I wanted to help people. People like me who knew the struggle. I mostly gear things towards women since I can’t really be inside the mind of a man. I learned that I needed to be speaking life into people. That’s my calling. Empowering the next woman! But to do that.. I truly needed to do work within myself.

So I’ve gone on an extensive personal development journey. It’s a never ending journey. You should NEVER stop trying to be a better you. Everyday should be a learning experience.

I have had the privilege of working side by side with some of the MOST inspiring women I have ever met. And that’s another reason I am truly grateful for my journey. I would have NEVER met these ladies if it weren’t for network marketing. I would have been stuck inside of my same bubble forever. Never bothering to branch out. I didn’t even KNOW there was women in the world like these ladies!

I’ll be completely honest, I am WORKING on the financial freedom side of these businesses. The one you always see ladies posting about. Saying they are making tons & tons of money. Y’all, I’m not making that yet. And I say yet lightly – that money is there & I will be making it. On top of some other bonuses. But right now my main focus is ME! And my future & my business endeavors!

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But, I have so much faith in my future and everything is so clear to me that I don’t have to worry about when the money is going to come! It comes when YOU are ready for it. Not when you think you’re ready. But when the universe says you are.

I have even hired a freaking biz coach! Like what?! Totally scary step for me & I did it. I’m investing in my future because I know it is so big and bright that I can’t even fathom it yet. Of course, I can sit here and dream all day and think about what my future will look like – but I am working my butt off every single day to get my biz to where I want it to be.

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These network marketing companies don’t represent me or who I am OR even what I have to offer. They’re simply a tool to get where I want to be. My brand is not those companies. My brand is ME & what I have to bring to the table.

But not only have these biz’s & my journey helped me with my self confidence.. they’ve helped me learn some real hard truths about life. I’m learning to never give up.. to pursue my dreams.. to FIGHT for my dreams.. to be uncomfortable.. to expect & embrace change.. to love myself.. to love others.. to TALK to people.. to help people.. to want to make a change in this world.

Since starting network marketing, my heart has been opened & is so full. I cannot wait to continue this journey and see where it takes me. I am so pleased at where my life is heading & the journey I get to take to get there.

So there’s the truth & here’s to becoming a Six Figure Biz Babe!