About Me

My name is Ashton Coyle & I am currently living in the Metro Atlanta area! My goal is to get out to the West Coast in the next few years. I am currently on an awesome self discovery journey. Justin (my boyfriend) and I have two playful, spoiled & happy fur baby cats (Cait & Buddy). They are basically our whole world.

If we aren’t out exploring the mountains, traveling, or relaxing at home for the weekend – you can catch us at our full time jobs (snooze).

My goal is to eventually be a work from home blogger and lifestyle coach. I love helping people feel amazing about their lives and overall helping people learn what they can do better to liv a truly fulfilling life. I am drawn to new and exciting opportunities, which this definitely is both for me! I have always had a calling to people – helping them, guiding them & sharing my story!

My hope is that by sharing my stories and connecting with my readers, I will be able to inspire each and every one of you to be your best selves and achieve greatness in your lives.